NetToolKit Geo Beta

Affordable map tiles and free-range geocoding

  • Rooftop accuracy for most of the US

    We work with databases that list coordinates of individual houses for most of the US. Don't believe us? Try out our service.

  • Free-range geocoding

    Turn your street addresses into coordinates and use them freely without map restrictions. Reverse geocoding also supported.

  • Map tile server and autocomplete

    Regularly updated map tiles and cached; use any way you want. Autocomplete suggestions for a better user experience.

Affordable! Get started for free and then get 100,000 credits for $10 (geocoding / tile sessions / MapWrapper views)
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Free-range geocoding

Hybrid approach NetToolKit Geo blends open-source and open-data solutions together: OpenAddresses for accuracy in the US, OpenStreetMap for unusual queries (and international addresses), and PostGIS for US coverage. On top of those solutions, we’ve built our own address parser.

Free-range geocoding Some other geocoding providers require that you show their maps with their geocodes (or pay an expensive monthly fee). We don’t tie you down with such restrictions -- we call it free-range geocoding. You can use our portable geocoding results with others’ maps.

Geocoding features

  • Census-designated places

    “CD... what?” That’s what we wondered too. They’re not cities, they’re not villages, they’re... census-designated places. Don’t worry, we learned about them so you don’t need to. For example, Spring, TX.

  • Misspelled city

    ...since not all users know how to spell everything. For example, 444 Toyama Dr, Sunyvale, CA gets corrected to 444 Toyama Dr, Sunnyvale, CA.

  • Misspelled street name

    In our testing, we realized that even we didn’t know how to spell all of the streets that we were interested in. We implemented basic spell correction to try to salvage misspelled street names. For example, 2732 Augustin Dr, Santa Clara, CA gets corrected to 2732 Augustine Dr, Santa Clara, CA.

  • Flexible street types

    Is it Olive Street or Olive Avenue? We couldn’t remember, so we crafted our geocoder to handle mistakes. For example, 505 W. Olive Street, Sunnyvale, CA geocodes correctly even it’s actually 505 W. Olive Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA.

  • Landmarks

    Do you know the address for the Grand Canyon? We don’t either. Fortunately, OpenStreetMap handles those queries, so our service does as well (Grand Canyon).

Tile server

Fast and up-to-dateBuilt with Mapnik on top of OpenStreetMap data. Pre-generated and cached for speed. Regularly updated so you don’t have to.

Permissive licenseUse the tiles on a public website, private website, or in a mobile app. No need to even mention our name (just OpenStreetMap, since the tiles are built on top of their data).

AffordableOne credit covers one tile session -- all the tiles a specific client needs in a 15-second period.


One API to wrap them allEasily switch between Google Maps, Bing Maps, and OpenLayers using our standardized JavaScript API.

Convenient information windowsWant to style your information windows? MapWrapper makes that easy. Want your information windows to show completely even when the marker is too close to the map border? MapWrapper supports that too.

Free tile session includedPay a credit for the use of MapWrapper and get one tile session from our tile server included for free.

Autocomplete (for US only)

Spare users from typingOur service quickly suggests entries that match your users' input, saving them the tedium of typing out the entire address.

Business informationNot only does our service suggest addresses, it can also suggest matching business names.

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