Getting everything set up with Gatekeeper takes an initial investment followed by some ongoing calibration. Sometimes, a review of your site's visit history will indicate that a policy might be too lax or that another policy is too strict.

In this tutorial, we'll take a look into how to review all denied visits to your site to find policies that might be too strict.

Go to the main page to view your site's visit history. On the left, there should be a form to refine your search. Change the authorization to "deny" and click the Filter button. (You can easily imagine filtering for "captcha" if you think too many people are being presented with CAPTCHA challenges or filtering for "allow" if you want to see if a policy is too lax.)

visit filter form with authorization "deny" selected

The visits table should now show exclusively visits that have been denied.

visits table showing only denied visits

Using this list, you can review the visits that were denied and see if you think they should have been denied. If you are unsure why a visit was denied, the Status column lists the policy responsible for the denial. If you believe that that policy was too strict, you can click on the policy in the Status column and edit it. To add an exception to a policy for a fraction of the affected visitors, consider adding a higher priority policy that allows certain users instead of directly modifying the policy in question.